International clients

The members of our team also partner with foreign clients, whose property interests arose in the territory of the Slovak Republic. These are mainly business entities acting abroad whose services have been used by citizens of the Slovak Republic, believing that they do not have to perform their obligations, or that their creditors will not recover them across the border. The members of our company communicate fluently in English, and therefore we are also a sought-after company by foreign entities for whom we provide comprehensive services related to the recovery of claims. Our company also meets the most demanding expectations and visions of our clients.

We understand international law

We understand international business as well as international law. Our company also has experience with the detailed identification of the debtors in those claims where it was not possible to identify the individual debtors without significant effort. This means that if you do not know your debtor in person, but a claim arose, for example, based on the legal relationship created by a decree of municipality or town, we are able to identify such debtor and successfully recover the claim. All our members are considered to be experts for personal data protection, and so they can obtain such information without breaching any legislation in force.

vymáhanie pohľadávok zo zahraničia
vymáhanie pohľadávok v zahraničí

We partner with law firms

The success of our company lies in cooperation with law firms to which we provide a close cooperation if the claim cannot be recovered out of court. Most claims can be recovered without judicial proceedings, but the judicial proceedings that have begun have an unprecedented success in the future solvency of the defendant debtors since, in addition to the obligation to repay the claim, there will also be an obligation to repay the costs of legal representation and/or any other fees associated with the judicial proceedings. Initiating judicial proceedings with the representation of the associated law firms holds the same success for our client as out-of-court recovery of the claim. Our client is fully acquainted with the recovery process and has no concerns with the recovery of the claim. Costs associated with judicial proceedings (costs of legal representation, translation fees, or other costs associated with judicial proceedings) as well as the obligation to repay the claim are enforced upon the debtor by a decision of the court.

We inform you of every claim on a regular basis

Our foreign clients appreciate regular and transparent information of every claim we have been entrusted to recover. We provide our clients with a comprehensive service related to the recovery of claims, which means that the client, after the first meeting with our team, will transfer all obligations to us, by which the client becomes relieved of the concerns related to the claim he/she cannot recover.

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