Claims recovery success rate

Our team can always find a solution to resolve any issues, and that’s why we are one of the most reliable companies dealing with the recovery of claims. Both satisfaction of our customers and high-quality analysis of their problems related to the claims they cannot recover is our primary goal. The creativity and skills of our company guarantee a success that can be appreciated by the most discerning customer.

Enforceability of claims in percentage

The enforceability of claims depends on various factors, from maturity through the ability of the debtor to perform its obligation arising from the claim, to securing the claim. Claims Collection Ltd. consists of legal professionals in different areas of law with deep knowledge of business law, civil law, personal data protection as well as other legal areas that ensure a high level of enforceability of purchased claims, while the quality of our work is also confirmed by the satisfaction of our clients.

We know that our success is your success, and therefore we can present ourselves by our 87% success rate in the recovery of claims.

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We are not paid per hour, nor in cases when the recovery of claims is unsuccessful.

We are entitled to remuneration only in the case of real recovered claim.

We do not represent clients, but we buy the claims back with a deferred maturity of purchase price that is bound with the real recovery of the claim by our company.

Our contracts contain a clause that allows you to withdraw from the contract and acquire your claims back without any charges, provided that you are not be satisfied with our work, or for another reason.

We bear all court fees, as well as other costs of proceedings.

We ensure representation of our company through a law firm, which has proven to be an effective means of bringing debtors to out-of-court settlements, while our company bears all fees for the services of the law firm and you are not charged for these services.

Our company consists of experts with extensive experience in the recovery of claims, even in recovery from abroad.

We are open to negotiating the contract, as we know that each client requires an individual approach that ensures the overcoming of any concerns.

We maintain a transparent account to which you can have access to in order to control the recovery of individual claims (mainly used for collective claims).

We inform clients about the recovery process at regular intervals.

We do not tolerate bad results!

We do not partner with persons or entities that do not meet (or who cease to meet) the success rate that represents our company and guarantees the satisfaction of our clients.

Comprehensive services

We provide a full analysis of the documents and their subsequent contractual preparation, acquisition of claims, as well as their real recovery. Our client is financially exempt from fees as well as costs of proceedings. Our company offers comprehensive services that guarantee the client's successful return of money from the debtor without any additional involvement.

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