Our team

Our company has prepared for you the most reliable team for the recovery of claims, consisting of trained, professional, educated, and flexible experts. We put great emphasis on the quality of the services provided, and therefore empathy, willingness, and precision are our strongest points. We do not look for easy ways, and therefore we have a thorough solution for each of your problems, which will be presented to you by an assigned expert who will individually assess your claim, complete it and then begin to communicate with the debtor in an appropriate manner.

We are experts in communication

Most of the claims recovered belong to the field of business relationships involving companies that have sufficient assets. On the other hand, a large percentage of claims are of natural persons who cannot afford to pay off the claims in question. Since our members have many years of experience in the recovery of all types of claims, we understand that it is necessary to communicate in different ways with business entities and with natural persons. Therefore, the individuals who form our team or with whom our company partners undergo different trainings and educational processes focused on the most effective approach and, in particular, communication with these natural persons as well as companies, which guarantees them a higher success rate in the recovery of claims.

tím expertov v komunikácii

It is important to understand the debtor

Each member of our company that is assigned a claim will communicate with the debtors separately, ensuring that our clients are in contact with a dedicated member of our team from the beginning until the end of the recovery process.

Throughout many years of experience, our clients have appreciated, among other things, communication with members of our team who are available to them and who provide them with complete, trustworthy, and comprehensible information about the status of their claim. Because we understand how important our clients’ time is, this is the most effective and preferred method for working with clients.

We verify all information

Our company verifies in a credible way all relevant information about the debtors' ability to pay. Based on the information obtained, we have the option to attain all essential and relevant information needed to create an overall picture of the payment capacities of the individual debtors and to agree to the repayment schedule if the debtor is unable to repay the unpaid claim at once, since at first contact we have an idea of the real possibility of claim repayment. If the debtor does not agree with the repayment schedule, a member of our team will present the debtor with other methods of claim repayment after prior approval by the client. For successful recovery of the claims, it is necessary to know, regardless of individual claims and debtors, how the business environment works.

We can find out when the debtor is being deceptive

The basic pillar of our company is the trust that we build from the first contact, not only with the client but also with the debtor. Based on the confidence gained, we can fully communicate with the debtor and assess when they are misleading us or intentionally avoiding repaying their claim, despite having funds or assets. Thanks to many years of experience, our team recognizes the behavior and action of the debtor, and therefore we are ready to sue in every claim recovery process, thereby stopping the possibility of the limitation period.

87% success rate in the recovery of claims

Once we understand and identify why debtors have not paid their claims, we create a specific claim recovery plan. Our team is professionally trained in every method of claim recovery, and we regularly attend psychology training, communication and communication skills course, due to which we have achieved a success rate of 87% of all claim recovery cases. Our results are unrivaled, not only in the Slovak Republic but throughout the foreign market.

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