Recovery of debts: What is the right process?

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What is the process for debt recovery and debt management? Debt collection and debt management with legal aid can be considered as one of the most effective ways of getting your finances back. We all specialize in a certain professional area in which we try to be as effective as possible. There are many reasons why everyone can’t master all the essential areas of interest. If we are sick, surely we do not read medical articles or books but instead of that, we visit a university-educated professional or doctor who has the knowledge which is needed. Also, we do not put our money right under the pillow, but we deposit … Viac…

Debt purchase

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One of the sought out ways to solve problems with receivables is to buy out debt by another company. This method is especially suitable for the clients with more conservative requirements, who are more careful about their business or who need to maintain cash flow. This method clearly reduces the risk of non-recovery of receivables but at the cost of lower financial satisfaction. The payment for the receivables is not linked to a real recovery which brings with it a certain profit for the creditor selling their claim. All the risk, in this case, is borne by the company that purchases such a claim. Our company provides two ways to … Viac…

Debt collection from indebted companies

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How to recover debts from indebted companies? Nowadays, the debtors use several options to avoid paying their debts. If the debtor is a legal entity (a company), the partners and managers will usually write off such a company and no longer deal with it. Such a company is gradually increasing in court proceedings as well as executions. However, many times, the managers do not even know about it because they simply found a new company without debts and they no longer deal with the old company. The indifference to their former obligations in the assumption that they will disappear on their own is an ignorance committed by a number of … Viac…

Debt collection Bratislava – metropolis

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The dynamic of metropolises is naturally faster and more flexible than the dynamic in the regions. This applies to the economy and the social spheres as well as our business area of debt collection. For this reason, it is also understandable that each of these territories has its own specifics and needs, which should be met individually with a specific approach. In recent years, a large number of entrepreneurs from more remote parts of our country have come to Bratislava and it is here that the thriving center of the whole economic industry and development of our country has been developed. Industry and most of the business activity is concentrated in … Viac…

Frequently asked questions on debt collection

What should I do if the debtor refuses to pay me? First and foremost, you need to take the necessary legal action. Most of the debtors try to get rid of their obligations, either by making promises, by denying the existence of receivables or by directly threatening creditors. However, the right for remuneration for your services, goods, or other compensation provided is often unquestionable and the debtor thus only defers their obligations, thereby seeking to reach legal limitation of the claims. What period is required for claims to reach the legal limitation? The limitation period means a certain period of time stipulated by the law in which you have to … Viac…

Price list for debt collection

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Many potential customers often ask about the price list of debt collection. If you have purposefully searched for services provided by our company, you have a certain receivable after the due date, which you cannot recover without help. It is very likely that you have already tried to recover this claim on your own, but you have failed. You only have 3 options. You will either accept that you will not see your finances again, which you certainly do not want, you will pay for a lawyer who will represent you in the recovery or our company can help you with the recovery. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, … Viac…

Unpaid invoices

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The most common receivables that entrepreneurs meet in practice are unpaid invoices. If you are already an experienced entrepreneur, you know that a few unpaid invoices do not mean that you will not see your finances again. However, there are a few key facts to keep in mind when selling on invoices. Recovering unpaid invoices is a complex process that involves a number of steps. First of all, it is necessary to find out all relevant information about the debtor that could affect their solvency. We can find out such information by unique software that has been developed exclusively for our company. The right amount of information is most important … Viac…

Out – of – court debt recovery

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In the last article, we described the general process of out-of-court debt recovery. In this article, we would like to explain to you the way in which we will reach an out-of-court agreement with debtors. Anyone who works with debtors on a regular basis knows that debtors will use all existing excuses to avoid fulfilling their obligations. As a rule, creditors do not have the possibility of verifying the veracity of the information that the debtors give them and are therefore often prone to give the debtors additional time to fulfill it. However, this procedure does not pay off for creditors and results in an approach to the deadline of … Viac…

Extrajudicial debt recovery

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Debt collection is one of the most annoying and undesirable parts of a business. However, because it is a necessary part of business, it is necessary to make such a process as efficient as possible. As it is a complex process, the most efficient and cheapest solution is to work with experts who specialize in this industry and know how to obtain your funds as quickly as possible. The importance of the knowledge that these professionals have is that they are able to reduce the recovery period of your claims by months and sometimes years, especially because they can force debtors to meet their obligations before litigation begins, and thus … Viac…

Repurchase of receivables – price

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When choosing a professional company to recover your funds, you want to avoid companies that use automatic scripts, do not have sufficient enforcement experience, or lack knowledge of relevant related industries. Our company offers you what will play the most important role in your choice: service, knowledge, integrity and, above all, results, resp. the probability of real recovery of your receivables. Nevertheless, our services are the most affordable in this sector and we have no competition on the market in terms of price and success. Our company repurchases receivables with a deferred maturity of the purchase price linked to the actual recovery of the receivable while this method ensures the … Viac…

Debt collection process

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The company Claims Collection, s.r.o. is a very popular company that has carefully thought of every step toward the debtors. Our team is always available to its clients and the result of effective work is a mirror of the hard and consistent approach of our team. What is the process of claims recovery? As you are interested in how to get the payment of your receivables, we will not overwhelm you with irrelevant information. The process for debt collection in our company is as follows: The first step in the debt collection process is to contact our company by phone, in writing or via e-mail. In any case, you must clarify … Viac…

Management of the receivables

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Receivables management is a difficult and long process. Whether you have decided to represent yourself in the recovery of receivables or you are represented by a lawyer, the recovery of all receivables can be technically demanding. The debtor whether an individual or legal person, appears in different registers and they are the subject of various proceedings.  The debtor may even dispose of their property in order to prevent the payment of their debts. All this information is data scattered in different places. If receivables are supposed to be managed at a professional level, all relevant information must be provided. Information about the debtor and the character of your claim is … Viac…

Repurchase of receivables

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Debt collection can take place in several ways. The client can recover receivables in their own name which is not the easiest way without legal education or they can be represented by a lawyer who will help them with recovery but such legal assistance can be an expensive item in the accounting while the lawyer is not motivated to achieve real recovery of client receivables. However, in order not to offend lawyers, in most cases, they will represent their client conscientiously. However, it is necessary to understand that the more conscientious work will be done, the longer it will naturally take to prepare for representation. And of course, it will … Viac…

How to deal with debtors?

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Every doctor will tell you that the best cure for every disease is prevention. The same principle applies to the recovery of claims. The only difference is that “legal prevention” is not a regular preventive inspection but a legitimately closed legal document. A properly designed contract signed by all parties can save you lots of problems, time, and especially your finances. In the legal environment, there is a saying that the paper can handle everything. This statement means that even if you have thought of almost everything, some of the terms and conditions you have agreed may be invalid.  For this reason, it is necessary to examine all possible weaknesses … Viac…

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