Recovery of debts: What is the right process?

What is the process for debt recovery and debt management?

Debt collection and debt management with legal aid can be considered as one of the most effective ways of getting your finances back. We all specialize in a certain professional area in which we try to be as effective as possible. There are many reasons why everyone can’t master all the essential areas of interest. If we are sick, surely we do not read medical articles or books but instead of that, we visit a university-educated professional or doctor who has the knowledge which is needed. Also, we do not put our money right under the pillow, but we deposit it in the bank.

Let´s admit that the only thing that keeps us from transferring all our responsibilities to others is the lack of funds. This is the reason why most of us do not have our own chef, driver, or private medical care.

Unlike a personal chef or driver that we don´t consider as one of the providers of the most important services, debt management might sometimes be an existentially important service for us, especially when we see how the large companies are cheating or not paying smaller entrepreneurs. Even though it is unfair, large companies often rely on the fact that small entrepreneurs will not sue them because the cost of legal services can exceed the value of the claim itself. That is why it is much wiser for you to allow us to help you win in the area where we are the experts.

When we are talking about claim recovery, we can anticipate upcoming problems and unusual complications as we encountered them in the past. Unlike most companies that deal with debt recovery, we are ready for more difficult cases, which we solve with legal means and methods together with qualified experts in a cultured but uncompromising way. In the case of any problem that requires more complex legal action, we have no reason to refuse you as we cooperate with qualified law firms, which usually represent us.

Time is essential for the effective recovery of your claims. The faster we are able to act, the sooner we will successfully recover all your claims.

Our clients are also companies that have chosen to represent themselves, but have found that without professional help, they are unlikely to recover their claims. It is highly risky to enter the court proceedings without being properly prepared with the evidence and the necessary pre-trial actions which can no longer be replaced during the court proceedings. Even if in the better case you might not fail to retrieve your claims, you may delay their recovery by several years while it may be essential for your business to retrieve such claims sooner.

An essential part of a well-thought-out strategy is, for example, the analysis of the debtor’s assets, the availability of their funds, previous financial problems, or the existence of enforcement proceedings. This and other information about the debtor helps us to successfully recover debts and to determine the correct strategy for proceeding with this activity.

 We first exert pressure on debtors to recover their liabilities out of court while we are uncompromising in dealing with such debtors.

As a company, which deals with debt management and recovery of debts, we have several reputable law firms representing us, so we have a greater impact on debtors than you would have yourself. With our help, you can recover your money and assets much faster and wisely save your time and finances. We inform debtors about arrears which need to be paid, the possible legal and criminal consequences of their actions, as well as the increase in their debts caused by the late settlement of their debts.

You should not bear the negative consequences of the actions of your debtors. We can help you and eliminate such negative consequences quickly and professionally.

We are confident in our abilities at such a level that we not only work without a right to remuneration if we do not recover your claims but also bear the costs of the court proceedings.  We will never surprise you with hidden fees. We are completely transparent about our prices which you can see for yourself at the following link.

As we are not entitled to remuneration if we do not recover your claims, you can be sure that the importance of recovery will have the same meaning for us as for you.

We also have extensive experience with those debtors who transfer their assets to other entities. We are able not only to oppose legal action by which such transfer was made but also, if necessary, deal with such cases at the criminal level. At the same time, we can derive the personal responsibility of managers of debtors´ companies.

The last step is up to you. Do you want to take risks and try to collect your claims on your own or to believe the debtor´s promises that they will really pay off next week this time or do you want to use a fast and efficient way that will not only guarantee you a collection of your claims but also discourage your debtors from repeating this process in the future?

The decision is up to you.