Debt purchase

One of the sought out ways to solve problems with receivables is to buy out debt by another company. This method is especially suitable for the clients with more conservative requirements, who are more careful about their business or who need to maintain cash flow. This method clearly reduces the risk of non-recovery of receivables but at the cost of lower financial satisfaction. The payment for the receivables is not linked to a real recovery which brings with it a certain profit for the creditor selling their claim. All the risk, in this case, is borne by the company that purchases such a claim. Our company provides two ways to recover your receivables. The first way is that you will be satisfied only from the actually recovered part of the receivables. In this way, our clients do not pay any fees or costs and our company is paid only in the case of real recovery of receivables, which is an indisputable advantage for you. For this reason, you know that we are as interested in recovery as you are. The second way is to purchase your receivable but you need to understand that you will get back a lower percentage value of your receivables.

Due to the lower return value, this option is usually less advantageous for the client. However, imagine now the advantages of debt purchase (that means your receivables). The biggest advantage is the elimination of the risk of failure to recover receivables or reducing the time required for litigation. The second advantage is the fact that you maintain the cash flow which is often a decisive factor for some clients. Do you have stuck capital in unpaid invoices and would you need to pay your suppliers, other current expenses or you would be able to evaluate such capital in a better way? In this case, selling the debt (your receivables) is the right solution for you. It is important to realize that even a lower return on receivables has its advantages, especially if you are also a debtor. If you have agreed on the contractual penalties and interest or deadlines with business partners, the achievement of which depends on the possibility of paying for technological development, it may be more advantageous for you to sell your receivables in the long run which will represent a lower loss. However, if you are one of the entrepreneurs  to whom long-term returns are more important, we recommend that you use our second service, where you will receive your funds only in the case of a real recovery of receivables but at the same time you will get a much higher return value. The disadvantage of repurchasing your receivables is the fact that the older the receivable is, the lower is the value for its purchase which will further reduce your return value.

However, if you need money immediately and a loan is not the right option for you, we will be happy to help you with your problem. Another indisputable advantage is the fact that you will no longer be burdened or harassed in any way with the claim or the debtor.

Whether you decide to sell your receivables or you are willing to wait for their actual recovery, entrusting your receivables to a professional debt collection company is always a good option, especially because the debtors respect us and treat us in a different way than they deal with you. Likewise, our legal knowledge, which is necessary for the successful recovery of your claims, guarantees a higher success rate.

If you’ve read this whole article, it is very likely that you really need our services. Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, phone number, or via the contact form provided on our website. We believe that you will be satisfied with our services and that we will achieve the result you are looking for.