Debt collection Bratislava – metropolis

The dynamic of metropolises is naturally faster and more flexible than the dynamic in the regions. This applies to the economy and the social spheres as well as our business area of debt collection. For this reason, it is also understandable that each of these territories has its own specifics and needs, which should be met individually with a specific approach.

In recent years, a large number of entrepreneurs from more remote parts of our country have come to Bratislava and it is here that the thriving center of the whole economic industry and development of our country has been developed. Industry and most of the business activity is concentrated in this small area which has caused a highly competitive environment. For most entrepreneurs, cooperating business partners are only a means to reach their goal which is profit. It is precisely such a competitive environment and a complete detachment from any closer relations with business partners that are the reason for the unacceptable behavior of certain entrepreneurs.

The sad fact is that certain entrepreneurs/borrowers mathematically calculate that it is easier not to pay for ordered goods, as they know that only a small percentage of entrepreneurs will recover their receivables. Of course, this is not a fair approach and such an approach is unacceptable in social practice. Such entrepreneurs look for and invent excuses of various types to justify why they could not pay for your work or goods. The excuses we often encounter are, for example, claims by debtors that the goods have never been delivered to them or, in the case of using services, that you have not fulfilled your part of the contractual agreement at a sufficiently quality level. However, some debtors will not pay you for the simplest reason of wanting to save money. However, by this behavior, they only want to achieve the legal limitation period of your receivables. (You can read more about the statute of limitations in our article Frequently Asked Questions on the topic of debt collection).

Fortunately for deceived entrepreneurs, our company is a requested aid which they will only pay for if we actually recover their claims. If you leave the recovery of your claims to our company, you will get rid of unnecessary stress that the debtor causes you. A great advantage is also a significant increase in the probability of recovery of your receivables due to training and our specialization in the issue. This is more detailed and substantiated in our other articles, such as: How to deal with debtors or repurchase receivables. The experience of the members of our company has already been tested with the largest debtors whom we were not afraid to stand up to and we were even able to deduce the personal responsibility of managers and unauthorized machinations in individual companies.

If, as an entrepreneur, you have experience with regular non-payment of obligations for your services or goods, you have one more reason to entrust your receivables and their management to professionals. In business practice, it is common for the counterparty to pay the invoice due on a certain date only a few months later and sometimes with a precisely expected delay. We do not consider this for a cause of the concern if there are no other special circumstances. However, if it has already taken a few months and your business partner/debtor is not responding or they are not responding to your reports, you should be careful because if the debtor is interested in paying their obligations, they should certainly ask you for a deferral or repayment schedule plan.

Whether you contact our company with one or more debtors, we will relieve you of the worries associated with debt collection, while also ensuring the quality of recovery which you would probably not be able to ensure at the sufficiently necessary level. We have no doubt that you are familiar with your business and we hope to be able to show you that we are also experts in ours. The big advantage is also the fact that you do not have to burden your employees with unnecessary extra work. Entrusting the management of your receivables to our hands is advantageous for both small receivables volumes and large receivables. No claim is small enough for us to deal with, nor too large for us to be afraid to take it over.

You do not have to rely only on this article and our word but you can also search for our company and its satisfied customers through any internet browser and web links. We are so confident in our quality and services that we are not worried about any information you might find on the internet.

As for our reward, we are one of the few companies in Slovakia that are completely transparent in this section, which you can see in our price list on our website. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, either via phone or via e-mail.