Debt collection process

The company Claims Collection, s.r.o. is a very popular company that has carefully thought of every step toward the debtors. Our team is always available to its clients and the result of effective work is a mirror of the hard and consistent approach of our team. What is the process of claims recovery?

As you are interested in how to get the payment of your receivables, we will not overwhelm you with irrelevant information. The process for debt collection in our company is as follows:

The first step in the debt collection process is to contact our company by phone, in writing or via e-mail. In any case, you must clarify the situation in which you find yourself as a creditor. Our team will thoroughly analyze your receivable and you will be provided with a proposal in the written form for a possible solution to recover your receivable, as well as a price offer. After agreeing on our proposed price offer, you will be given a date of initial consultation by mutual agreement, where you will also be assigned a personal consultant – a member of our team who will be in charge of the complete process of recovery of your claim.

The assigned team member will get the overview in detail and with the facts provided by you. In order to make the debt collection procedure as efficient as possible, you must provide us all the information and documents which formed the basis of the receivable. In the case of the absence of essential documents, a member of our team will ask you by phone or by e-mail and will ask for the missing documents. After a thorough acquaintance with all relevant facts, the team member assigned by us will examine the assets of the debtor as well as the person responsible for approving the transaction that gave rise to the claim.

We have a good understanding of the reality of the business environment and we can accurately estimate how your debtor(s) will try to escape from receivables. This knowledge of the business environment has saved our clients a lot of funds and we have also been able to prove the personal responsibility of the individuals who performed the machinations within the companies. That ensures the acquisition of funds to pay receivables directly from such persons. It is this knowledge and this debt collection process that distinguish us from other debt collection companies.

After a thorough analysis, we will create a recovery plan for you, which will not be available for the third parties. The plan prepared in this way will not be published anywhere or provided to anyone so that it is not influenced by the debtor or other persons. With regard to the security of your property interests, especially to ensure that the debtor does not reduce the possibility of fulfilling their obligation with regard to the remuneration for our company in the future, details of the remuneration agreed between us and you will never be made available to the debtors or other third parties. In our many years of practice, we have heard various excuses and developed effective strategies to work through them to the truth and from the truth to the real and effective recovery of receivables.