Repurchase of receivables – price

When choosing a professional company to recover your funds, you want to avoid companies that use automatic scripts, do not have sufficient enforcement experience, or lack knowledge of relevant related industries.

Our company offers you what will play the most important role in your choice: service, knowledge, integrity and, above all, results, resp. the probability of real recovery of your receivables.

Nevertheless, our services are the most affordable in this sector and we have no competition on the market in terms of price and success. Our company repurchases receivables with a deferred maturity of the purchase price linked to the actual recovery of the receivable while this method ensures the protection of our company, as well as your company or person, as it avoids the risks of uncollectibility. This method is the most preferred by our clients, as clients have the opportunity to obtain a high return on their receivables with zero drop-out in the event of uncollectibility on our part.

Repurchase of receivables with deferred maturity of the purchase price linked to the actual recovery of the receivable is the most preferred way of using our services. With this type of repurchase of receivables, you guarantee yourself the highest possible purchase value (price). There are several factors that play a significant role in determining the price. The most basic among them are determination of limitation, evaluation of evidence, verification of the debtor, and determination of the debtor’s payment options. For this reason, the competition will not give you a predetermined value of the amount (price) at which it would repurchase your receivables. Also, they do not give you such an assessment for another reason, which is the fact that from a psychological point of view, it is much more difficult to refuse the services of someone with whom you have already actual contact and who has become acquainted with your case. We refuse to play such psychological games and it is for this reason that we have decided to use the above factors in this type of debt repurchase solely to determine whether or not to purchase your debts.

If you want to know the highest value of the purchase price, please click on this link, where you will be provided with such information in a clear form. The purchase prices for the receivables on this link are minimum, which means that after evaluating other factors, such a price can only increase and give you additional funds.

What if you don´t like the purchase price? So you simply do not have to contact us and you can contact another company which will submit your offer to you and if you are not satisfied with it, you can contact us at any time and we will take care of your issue.

Our company also buys receivables whose maturity of the purchase price is not linked to the actual recovery of the receivable. However, due to the fact that this method requires verification of the debtor’s assets and factual enforceability, we cannot provide a predetermined price list, as its determination will always depend not only on the specific value of the receivable, but also on the specific debtor. If you are interested in such a method of repurchasing receivables, please contact us by e-mail or phone. Despite the fact that we cannot determine such a price for the purchase of receivables without supporting documents, we will try to do everything in our power to make you satisfied.