Price list for debt collection

Many potential customers often ask about the price list of debt collection. If you have purposefully searched for services provided by our company, you have a certain receivable after the due date, which you cannot recover without help. It is very likely that you have already tried to recover this claim on your own, but you have failed. You only have 3 options. You will either accept that you will not see your finances again, which you certainly do not want, you will pay for a lawyer who will represent you in the recovery or our company can help you with the recovery.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you certainly do not want to lose additional funds on representation, especially when it comes to the money that is your right that you should already have in your account. One of the first questions you probably asked yourself was: What is the price list for debt collection? Let´s be honest, the price list of lawyer´s services often represents amounts, which are higher than the value of the claim itself, especially if the debtor denies the existence of such a claim. And we are just talking about a lawyer´s fee without court fees, which you will still have to pay because law firms never pay those fees.

In classical litigation proceedings, the court fee is calculated from the total principal of claims in the proceedings. The principal of claims is actually the amount of your receivable, which can be increased by various accessories such as interest or fees (if you are entitled to them). According to the law, the court fee is set at 6 % of the total amount of the principal of claims. At first sight, this may seem like a negligible amount to a legally uneducated person, but be aware that the amount (whatever it is) of the court fee will be paid by you if the claim is recovered through a lawyer.

For better understanding, imagine one standard case. Company „A“ (creditor) has a claim against Company „B“ (debtor) in the form of an unpaid invoice in the amount of 10 000 Eur. The amount of the court fee would be 600 Eur. In such a case, you, as a client claiming the money owed you will contact a lawyer to recover your money. In addition to the lawyer´s price list (in the Bratislava region, it is usually 120 Eur / hour), which includes each hour that the lawyer spends in your proceedings, either directly in court proceedings or preparing documents or consulting, there is also an obligation to pay on your own the court fee which in our illustrative example is 600 Eur. For the purpose of explanation, we have given an example of 10 000 Eur. What if it is a much higher receivable, e.g. in the amount of 100 000 Eur?

Imagine a court ruling in your disadvantage. What will you do? You appeal. Here you have to pay another court fee which is called the appeal fee. Let´s give an example where you would lose the second instance proceedings. All you have left to do is to file an extraordinary appeal but you will be required to pay an additional court fee. In such a case, you must even be represented by a lawyer. Try to ask yourself how many billed hours all these proceedings can take. Imagine losing anyway at the end. Do you know who has to pay the costs of the counterparty´s legal representation? It will be you again.

Now let me introduce to you the claims collection price list. Don´t you want to pay for expensive legal aid services? So do not pay! We do not charge you for our services. Don´t you want to pay court fees for the proceedings? So do not pay! If we assess the enforceability of the claim as risk-free, we will pay the court fee for you. Don´t you want to pay any other court fees? So don´t pay them and let us pay them for you. And what if there is a need for legal representation by a lawyer in appeal proceedings? We will pay them in the same way and not only them but in the case that we still lose, we will also pay for the legal services of the lawyer of the other party.

We are so sure of our qualities. This is further proof that Claims collection, as a debt collection expert, does its work with high expertise, guaranteeing a high level of success, while taking into consideration the comfort and minimum burden on its clients.

Surely, you are now asking how our company can make income. We will be entitled to remuneration only if we recover your receivables, and we will agree on our possible remuneration as a percentage in advance before the start of the recovery process. For this reason too, you can be sure of our motivation and effort to recover your receivables.

Don´t you want to contact us because you think we would charge too much? So do not contact us and see our transparent price list of our company´s debt collection at the following link. If you are already interested in our offer and our price list seems to be acceptable to you, contact us anytime, we will start the recovery process immediately and we will get you what is rightfully yours.