Unpaid invoices

The most common receivables that entrepreneurs meet in practice are unpaid invoices. If you are already an experienced entrepreneur, you know that a few unpaid invoices do not mean that you will not see your finances again. However, there are a few key facts to keep in mind when selling on invoices.

Recovering unpaid invoices is a complex process that involves a number of steps. First of all, it is necessary to find out all relevant information about the debtor that could affect their solvency. We can find out such information by unique software that has been developed exclusively for our company. The right amount of information is most important for the recovery process, as such information will allow us to determine whether or not the debtor is misleading, on the basis of which we will then evaluate further steps toward the full recovery of your receivables.

Unpaid invoices are a special type of receivable, and you should consider several facts. Since you have issued an invoice to the debtor, this is probably a business partner with whom you would not like to suspend business relations. After all, you only want what is your right and you do not want to anger business partners or endanger your business. For this reason, we advise you to wait longer for recovery for debtors with unpaid invoices who are also your loyal customers or business partners than for other debtors. After all, thanks to such business partners, your business is developing. Statistically, entrepreneurs pay up to 13 % of invoices overdue, while in the Bratislava region, it is up to 19 %. At first sight, these may seem like alarming numbers but in reality, this is a common business practice in Slovakia.

However, if you are sure that the debtor will not pay you, you must prepare for the recovery process. As you are reading this article, you have probably already contacted your debtor via phone, e-mail, or other means, but you have not recovered your claims. “Silence” of the debtors is also a common phenomenon, not only in the Slovak business environment, but also abroad.

It is because of the entrepreneurs like you that our company exists and will provide you with all the necessary steps to fully recover your receivables. We understand that you have to deal with your business activities and you do not have the time to deal with such inconveniences, and you certainly understand that in order to become an expert in something, you have to sacrifice all your free time. And since we devote all our time to debt collection, over the years, we have gained extensive knowledge to help us recover your debts quickly and efficiently.

Our company is composed of qualified professionals who have long been involved in various areas of law and as a result of an individual approach to the customer; we can ensure a high level of recovery of your receivables.

Of course, you can also recover your unpaid invoices on your own, and in this case, we wish you much success. However, if you decide in the future that you need to use our services; you can contact us at any time. After all, if we don’t get anything done, you don’t pay anything.